Fhanysha Gaddis

Fhanysha Gaddis | Bohm Law GroupFhanysha Gaddis is a recent graduate of Pepperdine University and  University of California, Los Angeles, where she received degrees in law and public policy. Ms. Gaddis’s love for employment litigation began during her internship as a Senior Law Clerk in the General Counsel division of the City of Los Angeles City Attorney’s office. In this capacity, she was able to assist in all stages of preparation for civil litigation in employment law cases, including: providing responses to discovery, drafting complaints, conducting client interviews, presenting legal updates to members of California Employment Labor Association (CELA), and conducting witness preparation for litigation.  Ms. Gaddis returned to Pepperdine Law with a drive to learn more about how to help lay-people navigate the complexities of litigation. She received high honors in her employment law course work, ranging from employment litigation preparation course work to dispute resolution strategies for employment-related matters. Ms. Gaddis also partnered with the City of Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office to provide self-help clinics in the area of labor and employment. The clinics provide the public with assistance on: human resource issues, dealing with difficult people in the workplace, providing prevention tips and advice about how to avoid employment problems. Now graduated from law school, Ms. Gaddis provides Bohm Law Group with a theoretical and practical approach to strategically addressing the litigation-related needs of its clientele. When not working, Ms Gaddis loves to travel the world with her husband.


  • California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA)