Sacramento Brain Injury Trial Lawyers

  Sacramento Brain Injury Trial Lawyers In the practice of personal injury law, few wounds compare with the severity or tragedy of traumatic brain injury. Recovery from this type of injury goes far beyond winning a large settlement from the insurance company or a jury.  It also goes beyond release from the hospital. Sadly, the

Human Resources Deposition Kung Fu

How do you go about taking the deposition of a human resource manager? Well, there’s no way I’m going to fit more than ten years of tips and tricks into one video. But I will tell you this, I got my top 5 best moves for a human resource deposition witness – the Kung Fu

Civil Employment Lawsuit Process

Most employees will never go through an employment lawsuit. That’s a good thing; legal problems are not fun. However, when employers break the law, and the employee is harmed, it’s good to know what the civil employment lawsuit process entails. The point of this blog post is to take you through the four main stages

Tulane Law Boot Camp

Along with representing clients of the Bohm Law Group, Mr. Bohm is also an instructor in the Tulane Law Boot Camp program. You can find further information about Tulane Law Boot Camp by going to this page.

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